Vacationing while Blind is WILD but Worth it. Going Lance and I as we Discuss our Recent Family Vacation to Hawaii


In June of 2023, my family and I embarked on our first vacation in over 3 years. With most of vision detonating in these past 3 years, we knew that we were in for a new experience but what happened, it was priceless. Through the feelings, reality and function of actually going on a 7 day vacation as a family of four,  we learned a lot about traveling while blind, navigating and having a great time!


Lessons Learned

Throughout the entire adventure of leaving our home in Surprise, Arizona to touching down in the island of Oahu, lessons were learned by us all. The challenges of navigating as a family of four are there but are not impossible and in the episode of The See Through podcast, we discuss some of the tricks, tips and lessons that I learned through the adventure. From my 9 year old (and 5 year old) stepping up as a sighted guide to finding ways to have fun and enjoy the moment, even if you can’t see it, the adventure left us with long lasting memories and experiences that we will carry on into our futures. 

I personally want to thank Lance Johnson for going along with this crazy idea and facilitating such a fun and great conversation. Thank you brother.


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