With my extreme myopia in conjunction with the growing Retinitis Pigmentosa issue, there are thousands of things that have become increasingly challenging. Whether it’s reading cooking directions or seeing facial expressions from a short distance, things that I once could see, are fading. The challenges seem to be increasing as of late and all I want, hope for, and think positively for is that, it will stop.

The hardest part about it is that no matter how many tools you have, like magnifiers and such, it just sucks to notice the power of your eyes dwindling and begs the question of “What’s next?” Yesterday I spent the day with my beautiful wife and amazing daughter, at our home. Even in my most comfortable place where I know everything, challenges are occurring that have never been an issue before and it sucks. Simple as that.

I miss…

reading my daughter stories before bed. I can’t do it anymore because I can’t read the text.

reading books in general…

being able to find bolts and hardware without having to use my phone to magnify all of the text.

driving with confidence.

being able to enjoy a day of activity without it ending in bruises, cuts and frustrations.

not running into my daughter on a daily basis.

my freedom to adventure.

seeing my wife’s face clearly.

not being absolutely exhausted every night due to my eye fatique.

being able to have the confidence to tackle new environments.

seeing my phone without having to use the Magnifier to read anything…

not HAVING to wear sunglasses every time I step in the sun.


so many things already.