Having poor vision is a challenge. Whether it’s a simple task like taking the trash out to the curb at night or reading the mail, some of the easiest and most mundane tasks are becoming increasingly difficult with my vision fading. I know that right now, there is no cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa, however there are tools to help with visual impairment.

One of the tools that we discovered a few months ago was eSight. eSight glasses look a bit different than your normal glasses, however, the power they pack is substantial.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by eSight alerting me of the opportunity to try the glasses at a local San Diego trial. We jumped at the opportunity and scheduled our appointment. Now, when your vision is fading and you are dealing with some hard realities, having an ounce of hope to see more and to see better, is a scary thing. Will it work? Will it help at all? What does the world look like if I can se more of it?

For about a week leading up to our trial, Angela and I were nervous, it was not a fear of pain but a fear that they wouldn’t help because at this time, having hope for a fix isn’t the easiest task. The days passed and finally our appointment day came upon us.

We loaded up and made our voyage to Shelter Island, near downtown San Diego. We arrived early and sat down waiting for an older gentleman to finish his trial. This genteleman was also legally blind and with his eye condition, the eSight glasses did nothing for him. As we sat and listened to his reactions, both Angel and I were overwhelmed with the fear that these highly technological glasses would not offer us any assistance.

It was our turn and the representative, Adam, was beyond assistive and understanding to our situation. As I explained my visual capabilities, or lack of, to Adam, he adjusted the eyewear to my measurements and we put them on.

At first, I didn’t see a benefit, in fact, I felt like a computer wearing them. However, as we examined the functionality that the eSight glasses provide, I began to see the amazing abilities that this innovative technology could provide for me.

The Zoom function of the glasses enabled me to see an eye chart that was simple a blur before, in fact, I was able to Zoom in to read an actual 20/20 line of the chart, something that is utterly impossible for my normal sight. I was in awe.

As I looked to my beautiful wife’s face, I was in shock of the clarity, clearness and ability to see details that I can no longer see. My daughters face was the same, I was in a state of awe at the fact that I could clearly see details with the Zoom function and could see her stunning beauty and amazing smile.

The glasses are worn just like regular glasses and include two straps that help with the additional weight of the eyewear. Inside there are two screens that portray a live video of what the camera, located on the front of the glasses, is seeing. Accompanying the glasses is a battery / remote that is wired to the glasses themselves which allows you to Zoom, Focus, Adjust Brightness and much more.

As we made our way outside, I was able to adjust the brightness to a lower level to help my eyes adjust and in moments, I was able to Zoom up  to the sky to see an actual airplane making it’s way into the San Diego International Airport, something that isn’t an option without this wearable technology.

One of the biggest, and subsequently simplest, impacts that the eSight glasses helped me to do is to actually read a menu. I haven’t been able to read a menu without a magnification glass or magnifier on my iPhone for years. It’s just one of those things that I can’t do anymore. With the eSight glasses, I could.

Reading the printed text on a thick menu paper was the simplest yet most overwhelming feeling that I have had in quite some time. My wife was astonished and even my 3 1/2 year old daughter could tell that it was a big deal for her Dad.

I was a wreck with emotions, we both were.

Some emotions of utter joy that I could see details, text and my families faces clearly, and some of extreme sadness with the reality of truly how poor my vision has become. It was kind of a “hit” of reality that I can really only see about 25% of what 20/20 vision can see.

We departed our ways, saying good bye to the very kind and awesome Adam. Since we were in Downtown, we decided to walk the streets, visit Coronado and enjoy an absolutely beautiful day together as a family. Overwhelmed with the emotions and reality of what we just experienced, it was just what we needed to truly cherish what we have, where we live and the amazing family we are lucky to have.

A few days after my trial appointment, eSight contacted me and offered a 15 Day in-home trail. I had to pay a non-refundable deposit which will be applied to the purchase of the eSight glasses if I decide to purchase them, but the deposit was minimal to the possible benefits that the eyewear could possible provide me.

My eSight glasses should be here in 5 weeks and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to use them around the house, at work and out with my family. The cost is high for this technology ($9,995) but if they help with daily life as much as I’m hoping they will, we will find a way to make it happen. The eSight glasses aren’t a cure for my fading eyesight, but they are a tool, a tool that may help me make the most of the vision I have remaining.

I will be updating on my experience with eSight as we do the in home trial and look forward to hopefully sharing very positive feedback.

Until then, no matter what you are going through, never stop looking for something better and NEVER give up.


For More Information on eSight: eSight Website