Three months after receiving the news that I had Retinitis Pigmentosa, my wife and I had a discussion about adding another head to our family.

With so much uncertainty in front of us with my failing vision, it seemed absolutely crazy to add another child to our family. In fact, it is INSANE.


So we tried. 


Lyla Drew Ogg is due any day. Mom is doing amazing and has been an absolute champion this entire pregnancy. From day one, she has tackled every step and obstacle like a true warrior and as we find ourselves nearing the end of the pregnancy, reflection occurs.

Before deciding to give it a try again, we talked a lot about the future and what they may look like. With one driver in our home, how would we do all of the things that other families and kids do? How do we have our kids live a normal and fun life with our unique situation? How would my kids feel being seen with their Dad using a cane or a guide dog? How would they adjust to life being so different from their friends? How are we going to make this whole thing work?

Well today, literally 5 days before Lyla’s due date, we still don’t have all of the answers. We don’t know all of the challenges that we’ll face. We don’t know how we are going to make it all work. We don’t know how one car and one driver is going to get the kids to two different places. Heck, we didn’t really have a “solid plan” on how we were going to get to the Hospital since I am unable to drive.

What we DO have is amazing people in our lives that were more than willing and happy to step up  to the plate to help. They offered rides and their time to assist in any way. Without these people, our stress levels would have been at an all time high but they aren’t. Arguably, I would say that we are calmer now than we were with our first girl, Peyton. We are more excited than anything.

On top of our amazing people, we have a new outlook on life. We cherish our time. We cherish the moments that sometimes go unattended. We live our life free. Without being over scheduled and overcommitted, it lets us live a life that is focused on what’s important to us, not what is important to others.

In these final days before baby Lyla arrives, I find myself thinking about the future and the fears I have as a visually impaired Dad. I won’t be able to help the same ways I did when we had Peyton because 4 years ago, I had a lot more vision than I do now. Running to the store for diapers or food isn’t an option now so we have adjusted and utilize online ordering. Holding a small baby in an unfamiliar, dark or crowded place is something that I need to exert extreme caution in doing now. I just don’t see as much as I used to that is ok because it won’t stop me from being a good father to my girls. Although my relationship with these amazing girls will be different, I have no doubt that it will be stronger than most.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I never wanted to get married or have children. Now I couldn’t imagine my world any other way. My family is everything to me and as we embark on this new challenge of birth and having a newborn, I am more confident than ever that we got this.

My family is closer now than ever and I can not wait to meet our next creation. The next part of us, and the next chapter of life to open with the addition of our little Lyla. I’m excited to see and be a part of Peyton being a big sister as I never had siblings. I’m excited to see my wife become a mother, again. I’m beyond excited to see how the addition improves our family. I’m excited to be a Dad, again.

Getting to the point, we all have thousands of excuses NOT to do things. We all can justify why NOT to take the next risk or the next adventure but i’m learning that all we need is ONE reason to do it. Although the reason is sometimes hard to find or realize, when the time comes, seize it.


For the moment, life is good and I can’t wait to meet my next little girl, Lyla Drew Ogg. You are loved already more than you’ll know.