It’s been some time since i’ve had the time to update. With our baby Lyla at home, our amazing 4 year old and a business to run, time has been a bit stretched thin. Well a lot, it’s been really stretched thin.

As all stages of life, there are points where you have to grab a gear and just find ways to get things done and as we move forward as a family of four, we have all had to do some adjustments to find our new place in our amazing little family.

The girls are doing amazing and at 10 weeks, little Lyla’s personality is starting to shine and lights up our home with a new light. Peyton has found a love for her little sister that I, as an only child, am absolutely amazed with. She wants to help and loves playing with her new best buddy. Mom and I, while missing our time together, are doing fantastic and the bond we share has only grown stronger through these past months of adjustment and challenges.


In May of 2018, I was referred to La Mesa Vision Center in La Mesa, CA. Dr. Hixon is a low vision specialist at the clinic and to be quite honest, the only low vision specialist that I could even find in Southern California.

Our appointment with Dr. Hixson was awesome, it was the FIRST appointment with a vision doctor that I didn’t feel terrible at. He understood our situation. He was compassionate and light hearted about the little vision I have and after an hour of time with him, I left with hope.

Dr. Hixson didn’t just help me with a new prescription for contacts (more on that late) but also worked with some tools to maximize my sight using reading glasses, on top of my contacts, magnifiers and some very insightful ways for me to make the most out of my sight.

If you are reading this and have low vision, you know the struggle of seeing an Optometrist. Often questions like “You really can’t see that”, “Wow, I’ve never seen eyes so bad” and my favorite “You really have bad eyesight” are common. In fact, i’ve heard them my entire life. As a result, I dread appointments that revolve around my sight. That was until my interaction with Dr. Hixson.

Dr. Hixson went to work and did things in a different way than I had ever experience. He started from scratch.

At the end of my appointment, I left with a new hope. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my contacts finally arrived. I was eager, excited, nervous and overwhelmed with the hope that I would see a little better using them. The fatigue I was experiencing with my eyes was getting overwhelming and with a newborn, insane work schedule and a home to maintain, my sleep had dwindled. The contacts arrived and I put them in.

The world was different. I was able to see details that I have not seen for years. Small things like text on a sign in our home, pictures on the walls, my daughters faces and my personal favorite, much more clarity outside. Dr. Hixson brought my prescription down 2 whole points. The lower prescription fits my eyes better and due to the new brand of contacts, the comfort level is much better.

After about a month of having these new contacts, I couldn’t be more happy with the change. Just about everything in my central vision is clearer and while I am still legally blind wearing these new contacts at a 20/160, the difference is surmountable.

On top of the contact success, I have also received a couple new tools that I will share on a later post when time is present. For now, I depart to be a Dad and Husband, because that is the highest importance to me today and forever.