Sometimes the universe just delivers.


Life’s been tough. Life’s been rough. Life’s been beating me down into a pulp lately and the sad thing is, nothing in the world has changed, just me. My perception of the world and every single part of it has changed, leaving me alone. From vibrant varieties of color twinkling in celebration of the Holidays to my home, my safe place, everything has changed. Through this part of vision loss, it feels like the ball is rolling faster than I can keep up, I just can not “catch up.

The struggle with vision loss is not a bad day, it is not an accident, it is not due to bad weather. It is constant, day in and day out and it is exhausting. Through my journey to blindness, I’ve had good days, good weeks and great months and on the contrary, I have had bad ones, all of them.


As of late, the skies in my world have been dark, full of grays that just rob joy from you. The struggles have been increasing, what once was easy is now difficult and what was once difficult seems, well, impossible. The loss of clarity in my remaining vision has created a sort of separation. I don’t experience the world as a sighted person anymore. Touch, smell, hearing and the feels are what are remaining. Believe me, it’s getting real hard to find a way to intertwine the worlds together, into a theoretical co-existence.

Depression has lingered, it has said hello one too many times and the feeling of failure is abundant in most tasks. This is a part of vision loss and it’s not discussed much.

There are days when giving up seems best. it seems like such a great idea to not fight, not not grit in and to just roll over and go back to sleep. Through this journey, I have never given up, no matter how strong the calling is, I have continued to push, to adjust, adapt and discover a new way. My mantra of “never give up” is real but as of late, a hard expectation to maintain.


My family, whom I adore, feels the struggle. They see the broken toes, bloody fingers, black eyes and screams of pain and surprise when an accident happens. They see my tolerance fall, they see my patience fall short, they feel my frustration and sense my anger. The truth is that it is fucking embarrassing to admit it and I hate to do so. However, I am not superman. I am not superior of the true struggle occurring, unwanted and undeserved.

The only action to take is to move on and try harder and dig deeper.

All it takes

Today, I was reminded, with no static, as to why I fight. Why I giving up is not an option. Why, besides myself, this journey is crucial.


My Dad! – A Letter from my Daughter

Do you have a Dad? Well I do and I am going to tell you all about him.

So, listen carefully. My Dad can not see. He is blind and it is getting pretty hard, but he is fighting super hard by not saying “I can’t do it” or “it’s too hard.” 

Nope, not my Dad!

He never ever gives up or says it is too hard. He says “I can do this” or “it is never time to stop trying.” My Dad is strong, brave, has grit, and most of all, never gives up.

I just think my Dad is amazing!



A letter by my daughter with text written by an 8 year old.


As a parent, our impacts are immensely impactful. Watched with scrutiny, our children learn much from us. My job isn’t to “see” forever but it is sure as shit, to be there. To be there for the moments that I can feel. To show our children that life is not a fairytale. To show what you do when life gets rough. To lead by example and grit through the things that seem impossible, so they know that they are capable of anything.

Thank you for the reminder Peyton. You are destined for greatness.