Well, with some time passed and life at an all time high of being crazy, here are what we’ve learned in the past two months.


As I mentioned in my post about our eSight Trial¬†, we opted to do the In-Home trial of the glasses. It took a bit longer than expected to receive the glasses, which was no fault of eSight but of mine. To maximize our trial, I wanted to attempt to use prescription glasses with the eSight eyewear. The appointment took forever to get but once we had the necessary information, eSight had our trial in the mail and on it’s way to us.

They arrived and I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see if they would help with my failing eyesight. My biggest hopes were that it would help with my work day of sitting in front of computer all day, I could wear them comfortably throughout the day and that the assistive tools offered in the eSight glasses would greatly improve my vision.

They arrived and I began to test (a lot)

Unfortunately, with my eyesight, the eSight glasses were not the fit I was hoping for. The Zoom function of the glasses is truly amazing and eliminates the need for my trusty magnify glass. However, navigation with the eSight glasses was just too hard to get used to. I felt nauseous and dizzy after about 20 minutes of wearing the glasses. On top of that, these eSight glasses pack a LOT of technology and while they are light, they are heavy enough to wear on you after some time.

I ran through every situation with them that I could think of. Cooking dinner, working, getting the mail, playing with my daughter, you name it and I tried it.

The Result

At the end of the trial, we decided that the cost of the eSight glasses ($9,995 USD) was just too high to justify the benefits they offer my vision. Unfortunately, they weren’t a fit for me. At the end of the trial, eSight was more than understanding and accommodating on the return of the glasses and even after my experience, I encourage ANYONE with low vision to try out this amazing technology.

While it didn’t fit my sight, I can 100% support the reality that they can and do change many peoples worlds. The product is fantastic, as well as the customer service. It just didn’t help me as much as i’d hoped.

Opening the Doors of Possibility

The largest benefit that happened as a result of our eSight trial was the recognition of using tools and assistive devices to help me navigate, perform my work and function as best as possible. Since sending the eSight glasses back, I have upgraded my monitor from a 27″ to a curved 32″ and already notice a difference in my fatigue of the eyes.

In addition, I connected with the Department of Rehabilitation (a FANTASTIC resource) and am awaiting an appointment with a low vision specialist in San Diego who will not only help make the most out of my sight with contacts / glasses but will also look at tools, such as ocular telescopes, screen readers, magnify glasses and more. I am excited to add some tools to help me and my family when it comes to my vision.


All hope is not lost and with our second child arriving within 60 days, the challenges ahead are surmountable but I refuse to give up or give in to the depression, hopelessness and overwhelming feelings of failing self worth.


My family needs me and I’ve got them, which is all I need.