Adventures in Life, Based on Forward Thinking and Life Adjustments


Well, here we are.

2020 has been a year that none of us will forget. From the COVID-19 Pandemic, riots, looting, unemployment, and quite possibly, the most detrimental year to economics, here we are.  No one saw this coming and many of us, like ourselves, have been detrimentally affected by the 2020 year.

In February of 2020, we were full of joy and excitement as our business was about to celebrate it’s most successful year to date. We took a vacation and upon our return in late February, the world began to change. The cascading effects of travel bans, stay at home orders, and social distancing took our beloved Travel Industry and simply shut it down.

Over the past months, we have stood behind our partners, clients and colleagues and will continue to do so as the relationships with our clients is our highest priority. However, the effects of COVID-19 has hit home, especially for us based in the Travel Industry.

After 2 months of thought and about 1,000 talks, we have decided to relocate to ensure our safety during these very turbulent times. My family and I have listed our home for sale and we will be embarking on a new adventure to the west side of Phoenix, Arizona.

My wife shared the news on Facebook and was created with many comments and messages based around “Why would you move? Why would you leave San Diego?” In an effort to create awareness, here are our reasons.

1. Our Business Has Been Hit Hard

As a Travel Industry media outlet, we own and operate 5 websites, a full blown Travel Publication, operate an Email Marketing platform and offer many more ways for suppliers (cruise lines, all inclusive resorts, host travel agencies and so on) to connect directly with our amazing followings of Travel Professionals. Since no one can travel, the Industry has been literally shut down. Over the past months, we have watched businesses that have been running for 20+ years simply disappear and some of the smartest minds in the industry lose their positions.

It’s been an emotional experience to say the least. I have worked very hard to get our business to where it was before COVID-19 and now, my heart is hurt from the fallout and tragedy in our beloved industry. While there is no “sure things” today, we are hopeful that our industry will rebound and recover from this experience. I am confident it will, and while it may look and feel a bit different, the world will travel again.  The key is to make it through this time to that time safely and securely.

2. My Vision is Failing… Quickly

Currently, we live in a beautiful home, 10 minutes from the coast and in a beautiful and vibrant area. However, since I have not driven a car in over a year, I am limited in my independence. It’s been a discussion my wife and I have had several times before COVID-19 but a culmination of events has lead us to look at the opportunities of living in a “master plan” community where I can walk our girls to the park alone. Where I can walk to the store for necessities. Where I can get outside for a safe walk with my trusty cane on sidewalks.

While this seems mundane to most, it is becoming increasingly important with my vision failing. In the past 6 months, my right eye has gone from 10% vision down to 4% (maybe less) and the world is getting darker and darker. Cloudy days feel like midnight and the world I once knew is now feeling much more scary and unpredictable. With my left at still at about 15% vision remaining, it makes a lot of sense to adapt our lives now to prepare for the next steps of this terrible and unfair process of losing your sight.

We have been dealt a unique deck of cards and while we function amazingly well for a family of 4 with a blind father, there are things that we need to do different, this change in lifestyle, location and livelihood will enable us to adapt further.

3. Cost of Living and the Unknown

COVID-19 hit a “fast forward” button on many of the issues occurring int he state of California. From the poverty, deficit, cost of living, taxes and much more, everything in this state appear to be happening much more quickly than anyone could have thought. Since we were fighting to thrive here before COVID-19, it’s clear that the fight to survive here is going to be long, hard and exhausting.

Being legally blind, finding a “normal” job is out of the question as I can not drive to a workplace and participate like most can with ease. Everything in my day, from waking up to going to bed is different than most peoples. The challenges are real and unfortunately, they are increasing due to failing vision from Retinitis Pigmentosa.

The cost of living in California is rising and in my humble opinion, will continue to rise. In the past month, we reviewed EVERY single option to stay in California and after running down about 1,500 rabbit holes in search of clarity, we find ourselves ready, excited and willing to take a new adventure out of the state.

While California has been home to myself, my wife and my kids for as long as we can remember, we look forward to the next adventures, benefits and experiences that will arise from this new adventure.

The Big One

The above reasons made a decision for us and while we are saddened to leave our home, which we love deeply, we are also excited for the next phase of our lives to begin. We know the challenges will continue and that our ives will be different than we had originally planned, differently isn’t a bad thing. Challenge isn’t a negative, it’s an obstacle. Change is scary, but exciting.

We step forward together, holding hands and supporting one another. Stronger than most families and closer than I could have ever have hoped, my family of 4 is in this together. Emotions are abundant, logic has been applied and we are ready.


Welcome to the new Chapter of the Ogg Ohana. Let’s do this.