It feels like a lifetime since I wrote. It feels like a lifetime ago where my vision was the only concern for our family.


My how things have changed. Since my last addition to, we have uprooted our lives, relocated and couldn’t be happier. Moving from San Diego, CA to Surprise, AZ was a challenge that will not soon be forgotten but with the help of neighbors, friends and family, we accomplished it.

The process started with an idea, a thought. That thought escalated to a visit which then transformed into reality. We listed our home and in just about 20 days, we were in escrow to sell our beloved San Diego home. My wife and I compared it to a “break up” of sorts. We loved that home, we loved the location and the life we had there. However, the life we HAD, is not the life we are LIVING.

One day after entering escrow, my family and I loaded up and my superhero wife got us all out to Surprise, AZ safe and sound. Hunkered up in a Residence Inn for 4 days with two kids was a challenge but at the end of day, after looking at countless prospective homes, it worked. Luckily for us, our buying realtor in Arizona found us our next home. It hit a lot of check marks and while we were still a bit “in the dark” on what to expect, we made the move and opened escrow on the purchase.


Moving with a family is no joke

The process had started and it was time to uproot. Through days and nights, boxes and boxes, we were able to get fairly prepped before the truck showed up. Now as anyone may imagine, moving and drastically changing your surroundings as a visually impaired individual leads to a lot of new challenges. Bumps, bruises, black eyes, broken toes, constant bandage changes were the start and for the next two months, that was a nearly every day occurrence. I most definitely underestimated my ability to handle the loading of the truck and soon after starting, really wished I had spent a bit more and paid someone to handle it. The fatigue was real. The pain was real and the visual struggles were overwhelming.

Lesson learned.


Adios California

We closed on San Diego home and hunkered up with my parents in San Diego for 5 days before we could move in to our new home in Surprise, AZ. The time was well spent and we enjoyed our good byes to friends and family before we headed back on the road to Arizona. We arrived a day early to sign papers and plan the next steps.

Moving in was just as painful as moving out. The wounds that were beginning to heal, well they just got opened up again. However, we did hire some help for the big stuff while moving in and within 3 weeks of closing, we were mostly settled in.


We had done it.

To recapitulate our decision. It was made from logic and forward thinking. Not once, in over 6 months have any one of my family regretted the decision. Our kids have neighborhood friends, they ride bikes in the streets and we have found a new peace. This peace isn’t because of our home, which we love, but it’s because of the true freedom, safety and peace of mind we have found in our new neighborhood. We have support from our neighbors, we have friends that we cherish and our kids are experiencing a life that seemed impossible.

I’ve learned a lot in the past 6 months. I’ve grown a lot, we all have.