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I miss…

With my extreme myopia in conjunction with the growing Retinitis Pigmentosa issue, there are thousands of things that have become increasingly challenging. Whether it’s reading cooking directions or seeing facial expressions from a short distance, things that I once could see, are fading. The challenges seem to be increasing as of late and all I […]

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Working through the acceptance of Retinitis Pigmentosa isn’t easy. Going from a seemingly ‘normal’ person to a visually impaired person using a white cane isn’t easy. Accepting that my future, our future is going to be a different road than most go down isn’t easy. Worrying about how my visual impairment will affect my wife […]

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First Day of Fall

This will be the beginning of a long road and I’m hopeful that this site will not only be helpful ofr those of you interested in learning more, but maybe will help someone deal with the reality of Retinitis Pigmentosa.   More to come.

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